As far as cultural traditions go, New Year’s resolutions are one of the more interesting ones. Many of our holiday celebration rituals like those during Thanksgiving and the December holidays are more than just family meals, parties, and gift-giving events. They’re often symbolic, collective celebrations of the past and a commitment to celebrate again the same way next year. New Year’s celebrations, however, are different. We tend to celebrate the previous year with an eye towards the coming year and with hopes and promises to make it a better year in some way or multiple ways. New Year’s resolutions tend to be more personal, too.

This infographic illustrates five of the most common New Year’s resolutions. We’ve included some additional strategies for executing those resolutions for those who want to make 2016 a healthier, happier, cleaner, and more memorable year.

Happy New Year and best of luck to you in your 2016 goals, whatever they may be!